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September 29

Pres. Elizabeth Davis

SY 2018-19: Year of Vital Decisions 

Dear DCPS Educator,

Welcome back to DCPS for the School Year 2018-19! The Washington Teachers’ Union will do everything possible to help assure that this coming year will be fulfilling and productive for you, and that we will all get closer to our goal of delivering to each and every one of our students an excellent education.

After teaching in DCPS for 44 years, I am convinced that excellence in education – and fairness in working conditions for teachers – is best achieved when the voice of educators is heard in the development and implementation of educational policies and programs. Under the DCPS-WTU contract, administrators must afford the WTU and its members the status of “full and equal partners” in addressing issues that impact our schools.

Over the years I’ve observed that the voice of teachers is most effectively heard when the WTU is strong and members work together.

Events Calendar

Fri. Aug. 17 Educational Equity discussion | 8:30-10:30

American University Spring Valley Building

Mon. Aug. 20 Students’ First Day of School

Tues. Aug. 21 New Hire Benefits Enrollment Session | 4:30PM


Sat. Aug. 25 Interviewing DC candidates | 10AM-2PM

WTU Headquarters

Tues. Aug. 28 Chancellor selection community meeting | 6PM-8PM

Savoy ES 2400 Shannon Pl. SE

Wed. Aug. 29 WTU PD Instructors | 5pm

WTU Headquarters

Thurs. Aug. 30 National Board Certification committee | 5PM

WTU Headquarters

Mon. Sept. 3 Labor Day – WTU office closed

Wed. Sept. 5 COPE meeting | 5:30PM

WTU Headquarters

Wed. Sept. 5 New Hire Benefits Enrollment | 4:30PM


Sat. Sept. 8 WTU Executive Board Meeting | 10AM

WTU Headquarters

Tues. Sept. 11, WTU General Membership Meeting | 4:30PM

McKinley HS 151 T St NE, Washington, DC 20002

Tues. Sept. 11 Community meeting on Chancellor Selection | 6PM-8PM

Brookland MS 1150 Michigan Ave NE

Wed. Sept. 12 – 16 Congressional Black Caucus Legislative Conference

DC Convention Center

Fri. Sept. 14 Math Literacy Alliance Press Conf. | 9am

Wilson Building, 1350 Penna. Ave. NW

Sat. Sept. 15 WTU Union Leadership Institute


Sat. Sept. 15 IMPACT workshop