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Pres. Elizabeth Davis

SY 2018-19: Year of Vital Decisions 

Dear DCPS Educator,

Welcome back to DCPS for the School Year 2018-19! The Washington Teachers’ Union will do everything possible to help assure that this coming year will be fulfilling and productive for you, and that we will all get closer to our goal of delivering to each and every one of our students an excellent education.

After teaching in DCPS for 44 years, I am convinced that excellence in education – and fairness in working conditions for teachers – is best achieved when the voice of educators is heard in the development and implementation of educational policies and programs. Under the DCPS-WTU contract, administrators must afford the WTU and its members the status of “full and equal partners” in addressing issues that impact our schools.

Over the years I’ve observed that the voice of teachers is most effectively heard when the WTU is strong and members work together.

Arm teachers? WTU members say “No!”

Today, millions of people are taking to the streets to express their grief and anger at losing their children and other loved ones to mass murderers who use easy-to-attain firearms to attack schools. In Washington, DC, alone survivors of mass school shootings and...

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Events Calendar

Unless Otherwise noted, all events are at WTU Headquarters, 1239 Pennsylvania Ave. SE

Jan. 7 WTU Committee on Political Education (COPE) | 5PM

Cardozo High School, 1200 Clifton St NW, room 2604

Management Workshop | 4-7PM

Kellogg Conference Hotel, Gallaudet U., 800 Florida Ave. NE

Jan. 12 WTU Union Leadership Institute (ULI) | 8AM-4PM

Kaiser Permanente Health Center, 700 2nd St., NE

Jan. 15 WTU Representative Assembly |4:30-6:30pm

McKinley High School, 151 T Street NE

Jan. 17 WTU Early Childhood Education Taskforce | 5PM

Jan. 22 DCPS half day PD and half day Records

Jan. 26 Teacher Leaders meeting | 9AM-4PM

Jan. 27 Bowling for Gold, Metropolitan Washington Council, AFL-CIO Community Services Agency (CSA) | 1PM

Crofton Bowling Center, 2115 Priest Bridge Dr, Crofton MD

Feb. 2 WTU Executive Board meeting | 10AM

Nov. 5 WTU Committee on Political Education | 5PM

Cardozo HS 1200 Clifton St NW

Feb. 4 to 8 DC Area Black Lives Matter Week of Action in DCPS Schools