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Member Benefits

The Washington Teachersí Union is proud to offer members dental and vision benefits, pre-paid legal services, as well as sick leave and maternity/paternity banks. Please note that the sick leave and maternity/paternity banks are benefits for full members, and applications for these banks are now submited online on the BSwift Benefits System.


If you need any assistance, please contact WTU Membership

Services at 202-293-8600. 


Dental and Vision Benefits


As a member of the Washington Teachersí Union, there is no payroll deduction for dental and vision benefits. Contributions are paid by DC Public Schools; however, if a member is on leave for more than 10 days, for any reason, premium payments will stop and you will be ineligible for the dental and vision benefits until active pay status has resumed.


Washington Teachersí Union members must enroll during open enrollment to receive these dental and vision benefits; enrollment is not automatic.


Washington Teachersí Union does not provide medical benefits for DC Public Schoolsí teachers.  Please contact DC Public Schools Benefits Specialists at 202-442-4090 with questions and concerns about medical benefits.


Dental and Vision Benefits Enrollment Guide


Sick Leave Bank


Washington Teachersí Union encourages its members to join its Sick Leave Bank designed t to assist members affected by illness.


Registered WTU Sick Leave Bank members are eligible to draw full paid leave from the for major illnesses at a minimum of 5 days and a maximum of 30 days annually if they no longer have remaining leave.


WTU Sick Leave Bank Usage Application

WTU Sick Leave Bank Fact Sheet

Maternity & Paternity Leave Bank


Washington Teachersí Unionís Maternity and Paternity Leave Bank allows new mothers, fathers and legal guardians 30 days of paid leave per school year for additional time with a new child.  WTUís Maternity and Paternity Leave Bank is not just for new parents, but also includes individuals who become legal guardians unexpectedly.


WTU Maternity Leave Usage Application
Maternity and Paternity Leave Bank Fact Sheet


Pre-Paid Legal Program


Washington Teachersí Union members receive unrestricted and unlimited access to a broad range of free legal services through a partnership with Robert Ades & Associates, P.C.


WTU Pre-Paid Legal Program Brochure



Additional Benefits and Discounts


Washington Teachersí Union members receive additional discounts as members of the American Federation of Teachers. Our list also includes discounts at bookstores, retailers and school supply stores to cut out-of-pocket expenses.


Additional Teacher Discounts and Benefits


New Retirement Option

WTU and DCPS have agreed to a DCPS-funded trust fund for teachers to replace the Collective Bargaining Agreement's previous early retirement provision called the Voluntary Employees' Beneficiary Association (VEBA).

Click Here To Access the Option Two - VEBA Application


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