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WTU Member Benefits


Membership in the Washington Teachers’ Union pays off big time!

The 2018-19 school year is an exciting one to be a member of the Washington Teachers’ Union. The list of benefits shown below is just one example of the many reasons why it pays to be a WTU member. DCPS teachers and other personnel who are members have a real voice in the union and can be an integral part of an already fantastic union that can only get stronger and more effective with your input. There is power in numbers.

As a member, you have a say in every aspect of the Union and can participate in helping to develop and implement programs and policies. This includes working with the union and DCPS administration to effectively challenge the systemic barriers to excellence that now plague our school system, such as inequitable school funding. Additionally, our dysfunctional teacher evaluation system is punitive and emphasizes teaching to the test. It is not focused on giving students the kind of instruction and assistance that they need to excel.

DCPS is required to collaborate with the Washington Teachers’ Union on such crucial decisions as selecting chancellors and principals to designing classroom curricula, pedagogical techniques and evaluation systems. As a union member, you can be a partner in this important effort.

For our union to be as influential and effective as possible, we need all educators to become members. With membership, you have a real voice in our union and will receive free or discounted benefits.

As a member, you receive:

  • $1 million Occupational Liability insurance, automatically upon joining.
  • Dental, vision and legal coverage at no additional charge
  • Pre-paid legal services at no additional charge
  • $50 off all WTU professional development courses
  • Member only discounts on ZipCar reservations and AT&T phone services
  • Many of the AFT’s benefit offerings are through affiliation with Union Plus, the AFL-CIO benefits program. These benefits include deep discounts on:
    • MetLife Auto & Home Insurance
    • Pet Health Insurance
    • Credit and Budget Counseling
    • Mortgage
    • Save My Home Hotline
    • Hotel stays.
    • Goodyear Tires and Service

For a membership application: