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Why Teachers Join

Membership Has Its Privileges

Are You a Full Dues Paying Member?

Agency Fee ($30.67) vs. Full Membership ($36.08)

The cost difference is minuscule compared to the benefits full membership offers.  Our Union needs strong support to speak boldly on behalf of teachers, students and best educational practices.  Check your pay stub to ensure you are full dues paying member of WTU. Join today. Only full members can vote on the forthcoming contract. Complete the WTU membership application and mail the signed original back to WTU.

Membership has its Privileges! As a full-dues member, you receive:

  • Voting privileges on contractual matters and agreements
  • $2 million Occupational Liability insurance at no additional charge
  • Dental, vision and legal coverage at no additional charge
  • Pre-paid legal services at no additional charge
  • $50 off all WTU professional development courses
  • Member only discounts on ZipCar reservations and AT&T phone services
  • Many of the AFT’s benefit offerings are through affiliation with Union Plus, the AFL-CIO benefits program.