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Teacher Leaders’ Research



A Comparative Analysis -Ensuring Equitable Access to Excellent Educators Cohort 2016

Author: Holt, Jamila

A Poisoned Profession -Is the Stress of Working in DC Public Schools Killing Educators from the Inside Out Cohort 2016

Author: Elwell, Sarah

Act or React-Do Educators have the Physical Stamina to Sustain an Active Learner- Cohort 2016

Author: Bradshaw-Smith, Rebecca

Afterschool Should not be an After Though -Cohort 2016

Author: Harris Woodard, Simone

Ask Me- I am the Learner-Cohort 2015

Author: Moment, Monica

Effective Teaching Strategies for Special Needs Students in the General Education Setting -Cohort 2015

Author: Abdullah, Imani

Effects of Afterschool PD -Cohort 2015

Author: Angala, Maria

Examining the Extended School Day-Increasing Achievement or Just a Waste of Time- Cohort 2016

Author: Schurman, Ruben H.

Fire Sale-The Effects of Economic Development on the Achievement Gap in DC- Cohort 2016

Author: Moe, Shaun

High Stakes Testing-Is It Fair for All-Cohort 2015

Author: Miller, Cheryl

Homework. . . Why won’t you do it -Cohort 2015

Author: Porter, Eric

Investment in Professional Learning & Development- What Motivates You-Cohort 2016

Author: Angala, Maria

i-Ready Program Description and Overview -Cohort 2015

Author: Aydin, Busra

Librarians are Life Lines for Student Achievement-A case for flexible scheduling -Cohort 2015

Author: Galloway, Rajeeni

Multiple-Choice Testing- Perception verses Reality -Cohort 2015

Author: Levknecht, Jessica

New Teacher Induction Programs- Why the District of Columbia Public Schools Should Make An Investment -Cohort 2016

Author: Neat, Kenneth J.

No Educators Left Behind- A Case Study Examining Library Media Specialists in Teacher Leadership Roles -Cohort 2016

Author: Galloway, Rajeeni

Professional Development through the Lens of the Unconference Technique- A New Approach for Teacher Voice in Professional Development -Cohort 2016

Author: Alexander, Lori

Recruitment and Retention of New Teachers at Low Performing Urban Schools Cohort 2015

Author: Pogue Lyons, Jacqueline

Strengthening Performing Arts Programs in the District of Columbia Public Schools

Author: Brokenborough, Monica L.

Student Perception is Our Reality (Cohort 2015)

Author: Hunter, Alicia

Teach and Delete– A Meta-Analysis of an Education Benefit for Career Teachers (Cohort 2016)

Author: Hunter, Alicia

The Impact of IMPACT- How the Current and Outdated Evaluation System Undermines School Climate, Teacher Efficacy and Staff Colaboration (Cohort 2016)

Author: Dixon, John

The Path to Equity- Teacher Retention at 40-40 (Cohort 2016)

Author: Aydin, Busra

Understanding the Students You Teach- How Important is Cultural Competency in Student Achievement (Cohort 2015)

Author: Ayangbesan, Olubusola, Oliver, Shakera

WTU Teacher Leaders Guidelines and Application

Description: WTU Teacher Leaders Guidelines and Application