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Remembering President Simons

“As the first modern president of the Washington Teachers’ Union, Bill Simons was the voice of DC labor, an icon in black history and the center of DC politics. His measured voice nevertheless proved that power concedes nothing without a demand. Simons’ demand for racial equality, even within his own national union, was a significant part of the civil rights struggle.”

– Christine Easterling “A Giant for Justice: Inspirational Biography of William H. “Bill” Simons III

WTU Mourns the Passing of Former Union President William "Bill" Simons

It is with the deepest sadness that I inform you of the passing of William “Bill” Simons, the first president of the modern Washington Teachers’ Union. A giant of a man in so many ways, Bill dedicated his adult life to educating children and standing up for the rights of teachers and other workers.

AFT's Weingarten on the Loss of Former WTU Leader Simons

“Bill Simons was a figher for civil rights and equality within the labor movement and in the communities he served. The AFT family is saddened by the loss of this true trailblazer who made our union better and devoted his life to improvig the lives of Washington teachers and the children they serve.”

Resolution Honoring Former WTU President William "Bill" Simons

The WTU – and its active and retired members – pay tribute to William H. Simons for his outstanding contributions to educators, the labor movement and the District of Columbia.

Bill Simons In His Own Words

My name is William H. Simons. I was born in Washington DC in 1924. I am the fifth child of eight siblings. We all had nicknames. I was called “Silent Bill,” because I didn’t talk very much.

William H. Simons Biography

William Henry Simons was born in Washington, D. C. on June 1, 1924, one of eight children of Alfred Edgar Simons, Sr., a U.S. government messenger, and Mattie Garrett.

"A Walk With Bill" by The Friends of William H. Simons

The Friends of William H. Simons take great pride in paying tribute to an outstanding citizen of the District of Columbia.

Original WTU Contract

The first WTU contract under President Simons from 1968.