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WTU Members and Staff Wear Red in Solidarity with Chicago Teachers

WASHINGTON, D.C. (September 12, 2012)—On Tuesday, the Representative Assembly of the Washington Teachers’ Union (WTU) voted unanimously to support the efforts of the striking Chicago Teachers Union and its members. D.C. Public School teachers are showing their support, in solidarity, by wearing red to their schools today. In an outpour of support, many teachers stated that they understand the concerns and resistance of their courageous colleagues in Chicago because of what they have experienced in the District as a result of the IMPACT teacher evaluation system.

"In just three short school years, D.C. Public Schools has dismissed nearly 400, or 10 percent of teachers, since implementing its IMPACT teacher evaluation system that, until recently, was heavily based upon student test scores," stated WTU President Nathan Saunders.

The WTU membership not only supports its fellow teachers and union members in Chicago, but they also commend them for standing against unfair compensation, inadequate benefits and punitive evaluations that place too much emphasis on student test scores which will undoubtedly lead to a less stabilized environment for teachers and students.

President Saunders continued to say, "It is the very nature of educators to want to create a better school system for the children, families and communities they serve. Teachers across the country must join together in solidarity to ensure that teachers—who spend every day educating our students—are valued and respected for their work."

The Washington Teachers’ Union is also contributing to the Chicago Teachers’ Union solidarity fund, providing picket line refreshments and sending letters of support to encourage Chicago’s fellow teachers and union members.




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