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Lawmakers Listen

WTU Committee on Political Education

WTU Committee on Political Education (COPE)

The wide variety of issues that DCPS teachers deal with on a daily basis – from increasing class sizes, student discipline, reduced planning time, a punitive and highly subjective performance evaluation system, to having our school budgets cut and sometimes frozen – are all directly impacted by the policies that our government puts into place.

No one is in a better position to advocate for our profession, our students, schools and communities than WTU members. We are the ones who face our students every day. We are the ones who have the most direct connections to parents. We are the ones who have a deep understanding of how to educate. We are the ones who see how our government’s policies can either help us or hurt us.

That’s why it is imperative that we develop a united voice.

Time and again, when teachers speak up together, and are persistent, lawmakers listen.