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Dear WTU Member,

Our collective bargaining agreement with DCPS expires September 30, 2019. It’s time to open negotiations with DCPS and its new Chancellor for a new one.

This contract will guide the day-to-day work of educators, protect our rights and clearly define our responsibilities. It’s vital that we enter these talks with clear demands, and that these demands truly represent the thinking of WTU members.

What issues do you want our new contract to address? What in the current contract needs to be strengthened, changed or eliminated? What should be added?

We need to hear your views. Please complete the survey by clicking here.

If we are united as we enter talks with DCPS, we can win a new agreement that will ensure we have the resources and supports needed to guarantee that all DCPS students can be offered world class educational opportunities.

In Solidarity,

Elizabeth Davis
President, WTU