Today, millions of people are taking to the streets to express their grief and anger at losing their children and other loved ones to mass murderers who use easy-to-attain firearms to attack schools.

In Washington, DC, alone survivors of mass school shootings and grieving families were joined by over 800,000 people in demanding that the government take action to stop gun violence.

The only proposal for ending gun violence in schools being offered by Donald Trump is to put more guns in schools. Arm teachers.

The members of the Washington Teachers’ Union absolutely reject this ludicrous idea. They are joining a campaign called Books, Not Guns, launched by the Alliance to Reclaim our Schools (AROS). Check out the Books, Not Guns, WEBSITE HERE.

When asked in a union-wide survey if they “support allowing teachers to carry guns in school as a means of defense against intruders with guns,” 98 percent of WTU members said “No.”

Here are other results from the survey:

Question: Do you support increased funding for support services including social workers, counselors and psychologists as well as for violence prevention and threat reporting programs?

98.7% YES

1.3%   NO

Question: Do you support a ban on the sale of assault weapons (semi-automatic weapons)?

96.7% YES

3.3%   NO

Question: Do you support tougher regulations regarding gun ownership, including background checks and firearm registration?

99.3% YES

0.7%  NO

Question: Do you support increased funding for school security with needs determined by the school and community?

98.7% YES

1.3%   NO

Question: Which of the following do you believe are the three most effective ways to stop violence in schools?

  • Banning assault weapons (semi-automatic) 5%
  • Increased funding for support services and violenceprevention programs (counselors, social workers, etc.)          83.4%
  • Tougher gun regulations. 1%
  • Allowing teachers to carry guns.   7%
  • Increased funding for school security. 7%

WTU believes it’s time for politicians to value children over the gun lobby. Our children and schools need more counselors, not guns. They need deeper investment in restorative justice, not guns. They need adult personnel who are there to love, mentor and invest in their lives.

AROS’s campaign, Books, Not Guns, is forcefully fighting for these things. Go to the campaign’s WEBSITE HERE.

Teachers will not rest until we prevent military-style weapons from getting into the hands of people who want to massacre children and educators. And if our current elected officials won’t change the laws to protect our kids and create safe schools, we’ll change who gets elected.

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