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WTU members say: replace or revise IMPACT!

The vast majority of members of the Washington Teachers’ Union who responded to an opinion poll on IMPACT said they are convinced that it must be replaced or greatly revised to insure educational excellence.

In keeping with that finding, the WTU is launching a campaign to convince DCPS to adopt an evaluation system that supports teacher development, encourages creativity in the classroom and creates continuity in schools.

Of the 437 members who took the opinion poll, 427 said IMPACT should be “scraped altogether” or that changes should be made.

The majority also said that the IMPACT evaluation system makes them feel “devalued,” that it’s “unfairly subjective” and that it does not measure “what’s truly most important about my performance with students.”

The IMPACT evaluation system has been a disaster from the time it was introduced as part of the move to hand over control of DC public schools to politicians and to take it away from educators and the community.

IMPACT measures the wrong things in wrong ways. Some of DC’s most caring, dedicated teachers have been forced out because of IMPACT.

IMPACT works to exclude many of DC’s most vulnerable students from getting the excellent educational opportunities they deserve.

Probably worst of all, the IMPACT has created a situation in which false claims about student achievement and attendance has become common place and in which pushing students upward from grade to grade while ignoring their real needs is almost required.

Here are further breakdowns of the opinion poll’s findings: