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May 17, 2018


Field Representative, Washington Teachers’ Union

The Washington Teachers’ Union represents more than 5,000 active and retired teachers in the DC Public Schools system. WTU is dedicated to social and educational justice for the students of the District of Columba and to improving the quality of support, resources and working conditions for the public servants and proud teachers who educate our students.

The WTU has openings for three Field Representatives.

Under the direction of the Washington Teachers’ Union President and/or his/her designee(s), WTU Field Representatives help design and implement all aspects of internal organizing to build membership engagement and membership pride in the Washington Teachers’ Union. Field Representatives also represent WTU members in all matters pertaining to the WTU-DCPS collective bargaining agreement and are responsible for the delivery of the full range of WTU’s services to members.


  • Working to establish and sustain active, vibrant local School Chapter Advisory Committees (SCACs) led by Building Representatives who act as day-to-day advocates for members.
  • Working to increase the number of full members in the local.
  • Working to keep members informed of the WTU’s activities, projects and programs and working to encourage members to participate in them.
  • Working to keep members informed of the WTU’s professional development opportunities and working to encourage members to participate in them.
  • Encouraging members to participate in WTU’s governing bodies, committees and taskforces as well as other committees such as Local School Advisory Teams (LSATs).
  • Advocating for, advising and representing WTU members in all aspects of enforcement of the collective bargaining agreement between the WTU and DCPS, from informal pre-grievance efforts to all steps of the grievance procedure to the conclusion of the arbitration process.
  • Assisting/managing collective bargaining campaigns.
  • Creating and conducting training sessions and workshops for members, officers, stewards and others under the direction of the President.
  • Helping to design and implement all aspects of community and public outreach, community collaboration activities and coalition building.
  • Coordinating issue and candidate political action campaigns including grass roots organizing and coalition building.
  • Collecting the contact information of all WTU members.
  • Maintaining and submitting orderly and timely files and records of all activities and duties.
  • Write effectively in a variety of forms, including e-mails, letters, grievances, settlement agreements, contract proposals, flyers, petitions and newsletter stories.


  1. Experience in, knowledge of and passion about union and educational issues.
  2. Ideally have at least five years’ experience as a WTU building representative and as a teacher in the DCPS school system OR have equivalent experience.
  3. Bachelor’s Degree or equivalent in education, labor relations, community relations or related fields.
  4. Be a self-starter with demonstrated initiative and commitment.
  5. Ability to work independently yet in close collaboration with colleagues and with the staff of other WTU departments.
  6. Willingness to work outside the regular office day and on weekends and holidays; willingness to travel.
  7. Automobile or personal transportation is required.
  8. Able to manage multiple tasks and projects simultaneously and meet established deadlines.
  9. Have proven interpersonal skills and verbal/written/visual communication skills.
  10. Must have excellent writing skills.


COMPENSATION PACKAGE: Competitive salary and benefits provided in accordance with WTU Local 6 Handbook.

HOW TO APPLY: Please submit:

  • Resume
  • Cover letter explaining why you want to be a Field Representative.
  • A description of a hypothetical situation in which you are assisting a teacher. Describe the steps you would take to handle the situation; include a hypothetical e-mail you would write to the teacher and a hypothetical e-mail you would send to the administrator.
  • Your ideas on how to increase the number of full members in the WTU.

Applications are due June 15, 2018. Apply by clicking here.