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June 4, teachers from public schools across DC and Community School coordinators from each of DCPS’ Community Schools participated in an exciting one-day Washington Teachers’ Union symposium focusing on educational equity.

DCPS has identified the promotion of equity as the first of its top five strategic priorities, and WTU is empowering educators to connect their practice with their understanding of and implementation of equity principles.

We believe that schools that engage all stakeholders in school operations are especially suitable for building and sustaining a focus on equity.

Enid Lee, renowned expert on educational equity, facilitated the training, which introduced participants to the toolkit Checking and Changing My Systems for Equity.

WTU paid the registration fee for the teachers who attended and also provided the toolkit at no cost.

Attendees earned 6 Professional Learning Units (PLU), also at no cost.

The symposium was just the first step in increasing our ability to understand the full impact of equity issues in our classrooms and schools